As a freelance writer in my 20’s, I have a few things I’m still learning and think that you can learn from too. There are definitely a few things on my to-do list to make me a better writer and more productive. Here are four things I feel I should start doing as a freelance writer, and maybe you think you should add them to your list as well. Check these items out and see what you feel you should add as you begin, or continue, your freelance writing career.

Make a Schedule
I write for more than one client and while that’s a good thing, it can get quite overwhelming. You can easily forget assignments or one can fall by the wayside if you do not have a plan in place. I am going to implement a schedule considering all the deadlines, time it takes to write the projects, and how long I need to give myself to edit them. By working with a schedule for myself I can get everything done for work and around my home.

Keep Track of Income
At the end of the year I usually go through my entire year having to look up what I have made. I am going to start tracking my income throughout the year instead of all at one time. That will help me make sure that I have everything in order when tax time comes. As a self employed freelance writer, there are some tax breaks I can take as long as I keep up with the information. Don’t let those bonuses pass you by. Track your income as you go.

Vary My Clients
Another thing I need to start doing is keeping a variety of clients. I have been burned before by only having one main client and they have stopped writing processes. When that happens, my income stops as well. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I’m going to keep a range of clients that I can work with easily and keep my income going no matter what happens with them.

Learn New Information
One thing I’ve learned as a writer is that I can learn information and write on just about anything. That’s one thing I strive to continue to do is learn about new areas of expertise. When you only have one or two niches, you can really limit yourself to your ability to make income. By expanding my horizons, I open the doors to more clients and income earning potential.