Cultures change from one generation to the next, but some things never change. There’s always that group of people who stand out above the crowd. They are different from the norm and that’s okay. Enter the Hipster crowd. How can you tell if you’re a hipster writer yourself? I know for me, there are a few things that stand out that make feel that way. Here’s a few tips to tell if you’re truly a hipster writer in this culture.

You Ride More Than Drive
Two wheels are much better than four and you spend more money on getting ready for your next big bike adventure than your car. Most hipsters will be found riding their bike or walking to their favorite coffee shop or employment spot. It’s just easier and better for the environment too.

Your Dress
You dress differently than the normal everyday. Your glasses you’re wearing? They are much bigger than they need to be for your face but you love them anyway. You really don’t care what others think as they are your favorite glasses.

More Experiments In Your Stories
When you sit down to write, you find yourself writing about things that are more fantasy and experimental than the normal culture would expect. You write about adventures and far-out ideas that maybe haven’t been around yet. You challenge what the normal culture says is okay and push it to the limit with your wild ideas.

Look at Your Title
Did you borrow something from a title before you to complete your own? You’re probably a hipster writer taking from the popular books before your creation.  This is a trait of many hipsters around you. They will borrow or create their title using those who have gone before.

The Longer, The Better
You’ll find that as a hipster your writing will be quite long and so will any comments you may have on the project itself. Length tends not to be an issue for hipster writers, no matter how long the book may get.

Socially Conscious
As a hipster writer you are abreast of all the latest social topics, media trends, and the latest social media news. You stay on top of all that is going on around you and are a part of many of the trends that are started.

These are just a few ways you can tell if you’re a part of the hipster writer generation. Share your unique culture and talent with the world!