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How To Be A Frugal Writer and Not Become a Loner

As a freelance writer you’re kinda forced to be “cheap”, but being frugal can take a toll on your relationships if you’re not careful. When you’re into extreme saving, it can really be difficult to have a social life if you’re not careful. There are plenty of ways you can be frugal and still have friends and family to visit. Check out these tips on how you can be frugal writer and not become a loner in the process.
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Spreading Inspiration On Making Our Hobbies A Career

While trying to pursue my freelance writing as a career, I thought I’d share some inspiration with you guys on gaining ideas to pursue of your own! Maybe you have a hobby that you love to do and are considering turning it into a career for you. Perhaps you don’t want to work at your regular job anymore or you’re on the cusp of retiring. While you’re starting to consider your hobby and turning into a job, you may not really know where to get started. Here are a few tips and tricks to turn your current favorite hobby into your future career.
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How I Fulfill My Travels Locally

I have the travel bug. I want to visit and see the world but it’s not always in the budget. Sometimes a travel down the road is all it takes to help that bug stop bothering me. You can enjoy a fun and adventurous life while traveling locally in your area. As a writer, it is heavily important that you connected with what inspires you and for me that is adventure. If you’re not familiar with your area, here are some ideas I used to be able to travel on a budget and still enjoy the sights and sounds nearby.
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Extreme Ways I Tried Saving Money

Saving money in this economy is crucial to making it very far, especially for a freelance writer. You have to have a nest egg/savings account for those unforeseen circumstances that come up. I recently tried several extreme ways for saving money and this is what I did. You can consider these options for helping you to save money and increase your savings account or just to start living free from debt.
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Why I Stayed Single through My 20’s

At 20, you probably have just graduated from college and have no idea where to start. Even if you have earned yourself a well paying job, you are not sure how to responsibly spend the salary. Many people will tend to stay single in their 20’s because they are still discovering the life after school and transitioning to a working class citizen. When you get the job, you find that you cannot even manage your bills or cater for your expenses. Your budget is just scattered and you’ve no grip over it. Bringing in a new partner and having children seems to be out of the equation. In case you are in such a situation, you are not alone. Here is why I stayed single during my 20’s.
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Why I Decided to Not Go To College

Going to college has and is considered to be the key to prosperity; however, this may be changing as people begin to have different perspectives on how college education is able to determine or shape their future. It is possible that you have been to college, attained your first job, only to quit a few years and explore a startup opportunity. I’m not advising anyone to not go to college, this is just my own opinion for my own life. Here are reasons why I decided not to attend college, especially for freelance writing.
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