As a freelance writer myself, I certainly have those hero writers I look up to and want to be like one day. Some of them are general stereotypes and others are specific people I’ve come into contact with over the years. These writers all have something in common. They are successful at what they love doing. They have all made a career out of writing and are making a good living at it too. Here are a few of the top freelance writers I look up to when it comes to the freelance writing arena.

My First Boss
When I started writing, this lady took me in and showed me the ropes on getting my career started. She was very helpful in learning how to work with deadlines, how to write better and more clearly, and that I was a decent writer to being with. She gave me my first job working from home and without her, my career would have been at a standstill.

The All Night Writer
While I am sure I could do it if I tried, there are those who stay up all night to work and then go to another job during the day. I don’t know that I could do that! Writing for hours at a time may make me go crazy! I admire those who can write articles one right after the other with no stopping. They are amazing and I hope to reach that level one day.

Ed Gandia
He is the author of The Wealthy Freelancer and is an inspiration to all of us starting out. He writes technology pieces and software so he already has his niche figured out. He’s a very successful freelance writer and one stop at his website shows you why.

Kristi Hines
Her site is amazing and she draws you in to begin with. She’s been in writing for several years and inspires me to put my website up for all to see. She offers amazing services and has a large client base. I hope to one day have as much going on as she does.

The Technology Writer
Those who can write about technology highly impress me. While I’m good with my phone and computer, there’s so much more out there that I’m not an expert on. I admire those who can sit and write for hours on these advanced papers about technology changes and improvements.

Those Who Have Found Their Niche
There are those writers, like me, that are still in search of what they are passionate about. Then there’s those out there who know and that’s what they write about, all the time. I admire them and look up to them because they seem to have it all figured out. I want to get my niche settled but for now, I’m still writing about different areas of life and not sure what I’m most passionate about.

Medical Writers
There is another group of writers I look up to. Those are the medical writers. This takes a lot of research and background knowledge to successfully write medical papers or even legal papers. While I haven’t finished my college degree yet, I know that it takes a lot of time and effort in college to have that sound medical background. I commend them for their hard work and the work that goes into each and every paper they write.

These are just a few of the freelance writers I look up to. There’s a long list of those out there who I strive to be like as a successful freelance writer. I believe it helps me to push myself to do more and succeed more when I have these writers reminding me it can be done!