Being a single parent can be a very rewarding job, but it can also be very scary. Sometimes being a single parent means potentially dealing with scary or bad situations all alone without help. Even the simple things in life can become scarier or anxiety-provoking if you are by yourself.  Here are five of the biggest single parent scares that you might face if you are alone raising a child.

You Have a Medical Crisis

When it comes to being a single parent, it can be scary to think about if you have a medical crisis. As a single parent, your child relies on you for so much, so it’s hard to think about if you could not provide for them anymore because you had a medical illness. You must think about whom your child could stay with during your medical emergency. You also have to think about whom you could rely on to take them to school or cook them dinner.

Lice Breakouts

When it comes to being a single parent, one scare is that your child will end up getting a lice breakout. While you can use the shampoos and other treatment options available in the store, sometimes the breakout is severe. If there is a severe breakout of lice, the best thing to do is hire a professional to get the lice removed from your home. The Riverside lice professionals can come in and spray the furniture, carpets, and bedding, which are where lice like to hide and transfer from one child to another.

Remembering Bills

Since you are all by yourself you also have to remember to pay all of the bills on time or else electricity and other utilities could be turned off. This is a scary reality because you are the sole person your child depends on. You could forget to pay the mortgage bill on time and then it just snowballs. Remembering to pay all of the bills when they are due to be paid is a scary thought for some people because with so much going on it can be easy to forget.

Child Being Injured

One thing that will always bother you is thinking about if your child becomes injured. If you are working long hours to pay the bills, you realize you cannot be there to stop them from having an accident. You might worry about if you are at work and your child falls on his bike and breaks his leg. Worrying about being there to prevent your child from getting hurt is always going to be in your head, especially if you work long hours or two jobs to make ends meet.

Long-Term Effects of Being Single Parent

As a single parent you often times try to do everything and be both parents at the same time, but you wonder if you are doing enough. No matter how hard, you still will worry and be scared about the long-term effects of just being a single parent. You could be scared and think your child will believe all men or women will leave them one day to be a single parent. You will always be scared about how being a single parent will impact your child as they get older and try to have relationships of their own.


These are just some of the biggest scares that can come with being a single parent. You have to remember that even during trying times or scary times; it is still rewarding to be a parent. Parenting is very hard to do if you are single, but the love you give that child will always trump the possible negative or scary situations you find yourself in.