One of the worst things for me, and any other writer for that matter, is the dreaded writer’s block. This can cause havoc on your stress levels and thinking when you’re working on a deadline. How do you get over writer’s block? Is there any way that you can avoid that blinking cursor taunting you? Sure! Check out these ways I get over writer’s block when I’m stuck on a topic or idea.

I Take Five
When it gets really bad, I’ll take a break and walk away from what I’m doing. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to get through the block and give your brain a few minutes to think on something else. I can get up and get coffee, take a stroll around the yard, or just get up and walk away from the computer to think on something else. You’d be surprised what giving yourself five minutes or so can do.

Consider Freewriting
Another trick I use to get over that dreaded time is to just freewrite. This means I sit down and just write down whatever comes to my mind. It doesn’t have to be connected, orderly or perfect. Just write what you’re thinking on. Sometimes just getting the writing ideas flowing out of you will help get through that block you have.

I Turn Up the Volume
I have found that when I need to be productive, turning on my favorite upbeat tunes will get me moving. This works both for writing and around the house. There’s something about the music flowing that gets my creative juices running too. It helps to listen to a variety of tunes and it can help to center your focus.

Get Up and Move
Kind of like I mentioned before, I get up and move around. It could be dancing around the house to my favorite tunes, walking with my dog, or just getting up and moving in general. Get your juices flowing by getting your blood pumping. Whatever you do, don’t just sit there frustrated because you can’t think of anything. Get up and move with me!

These are just a few ways I like to get through writer’s block and get my article out successfully. No matter what you’re writing, you can move through the block if you don’t stop or give up. Keep on going and just give yourself some time. The ideas will come and you should be ready to roll when they do!